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My Child Is In Trouble With The Police

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My Child Is In Trouble With The Police
If your child gets in trouble with the police, it will be traumatic for all involved. Our guide below explains what happens and what you should do.

The police have 2 options if they think that your child has been involved in criminal activity:

1. Ask them to a voluntary interview, or
2. Arrest them

What happens at a voluntary interview?

• If the police have not arrested your child but think that they may have committed an offence then they may ask for a voluntary interview
• It is not just an informal chat
• For under 18’s, the police must try and contact the parent, guardian or carer
• Your child must have an “appropriate adult” present at the interview – that can be you
• The police will interview your child under caution
• You can talk in private to your child before the interview
• Your child does not have to answer the police’s questions
• YOU can arrange FREE legal advice and representation before the interview by ringing 0800 304 7740

Remember - even though the Police often use voluntary interviews, this doesn’t make the allegation any less serious – to learn more visit When does a chat become an interview

What happens if your child is arrested?

• Your child has the same rights as above, except that, following arrest, the police can hold your child for up to 24 hours before they must either charge or release them 
• Following arrest, your child is entitled to FREE legal advice and representation. YOU can arrange this by ringing 0800 304 7740

Why you need an expert 

• We are more likely to find out about the details of the allegations and evidence than you are
• We can talk you through and reassure you and your child during the process
• We are independent of the police
• We have years of experience in helping our clients, from police interviews through to Court representation
• There is no cost – Legal Aid covers this

For FREE legal advice and representation at the police station ring our 24/7 Freephone number - 0800 304 7740.
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