Concerns over Employment Tribunals Backlogs

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The Law Society of England and Wales has warned that the employment tribunal system needs increased resources to assist in clearing the backlog of employment tribunal claims ahead of the anticipated surge of claims as a result of Covid-19.

Since employment tribunal fees were scrapped in 2017 there has been a significant increase in claims issued to the tribunal and there is a concern that cases arising from Covid-19 related issues such as furlough leave, redundancies and changes to terms of employment will cause another rapid influx of new claims being made.

There is a fear that if employment tribunals cannot hear cases in a short time frame there will be many unsettled claims over the next two years. Even in pre-Covid-19 cases, Claimants could wait 12 months plus for a final hearing to decide the outcome of their case, rising further still if the case was complex. An increase in funding would assist in ensuring that justice was delivered promptly.

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