Covid-19 and the impact on Children’s Mental Health

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A recent article published in the Lancet has raised the concerns about the effect that the Covid19 lockdown has had on children’s mental health.  The study showed that the increase in probable mental health problems reported in adults also affect 5-16 year olds in England.  More than a quarter of children and young people reported disrupted sleep and one in ten often or always felt lonely (

The continued lockdown implemented at the beginning of January, which has once more resulted in the closure of schools and Colleges, is likely to exacerbate these problems and will inevitably see a continued upward trend of these issues in 2021.

What we have seen is the unfortunate rise of cases involving Social Services due to the pressures placed upon families and the impact that this has on children’s emotional and physical wellbeing.  It is important for families working with Social Services that you receive early legal advice and our experienced family team can provide representation at child protection conferences, public law outline meetings or Court proceedings. 

If these issues effect you, please contact one of our family team for advice and assistance

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