Covid-19: Lockdown leads to an increase in divorce enquiries

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A national law firm has recently published data confirming their divorce enquiries have increased by 42 per cent since the commencements of the lockdown in comparison to the same period in 2019.

It is anticipated that this surge in enquiries is as a result of the added pressure lockdown has placed upon many couples, especially those who were already experiencing difficulties in their relationship and may have been considering divorce before the pandemic began.

Couples have been forced to spend much more time together under the same roof than they would in their usual daily routine.  Added to this is the stress and worry many are also suffering with financial concerns caused by the potential threat of redundancies and loss of income caused by the lockdown.  The strain on relationships is proving too much for some and they are looking for legal advice on how to move forward with ending their marriage.

On the other end of the scale, lockdown has given many people time that they would not normally have to reflect and make plans for their future. Many of the increased enquiries are likely to come from people looking to move forward with a divorce that they may have been putting off for some time, but have now decided the time is right to draw a line on their failed marriage and move on with their lives.

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