Domestic abuse during lockdown

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There have been recent storylines in Coronation Street and Eastenders featuring domestic abuse. This has given viewers a glimpse into how abusive relationships can go on for months, sometimes years.

Domestic abuse is not just violence, it includes many forms such as emotional and financial abuse. These forms of abuse can be very subtle and sometimes goes unnoticed.

In Eastenders, a Mother of two made plans to leave her abusive husband. This resulted in her tragic death.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service, approximately two million people have experienced domestic abuse over the last year. One in ten survivors revealed in a recent survey that their abuser had actively used lockdown restrictions to stop them from leaving.

Victims are able to receive support and protection from the police and also by way of a Non-Molestation Order.

At Hewitts Solicitors we have a dedicated and well established family team. Should you or anyone you know be the victim of domestic abuse then do not hesitate to contact one of our offices and we can discuss the options with you.

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