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Draft Domestic Abuse Bill

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The landmark draft Domestic Abuse Bill was published on Monday 21 January 2019. The aim is to support victims in bringing their offenders to justice. This comes at a time where domestic abuse costs the Country £66 billion every year and approximately 2 million adults experienced domestic abuse in 2017.

What will this achieve?

This would introduce the first ever statutory government definition of domestic abuse. Not only will this include physical abuse but the definition will encompass economic abuse and manipulative behaviour. Automatic eligibility for special measures to support more victims to give evidence in criminal courts will also be provided.

It will also clarify the workings of Clare’s Law. Clare’s Law is a measure which came into force in March 2014 to permit the police to tell a member of the public if there are concerns around previous violence committed by their partner.

Victoria Atkins, Minister for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability stated; “I have heard absolutely heart breaking accounts of victims whose lives have been ripped apart… this Government is absolutely committed to shining a light on domestic abuse”.

It is hoped that this well needed development will be successful.

You may also qualify for free legal assistance.

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