Employment Law Funding Options

Whether you are an employer or employee and you would like legal advice or representation in respect of an employment matter, there are a number of ways in which that can be funded.

Free initial telephone consultation.

  • We will always endeavour to assist you at the outset by way of an initial telephone conversation. We use this as an opportunity to understand the issues that you are facing and so that we can advise you of the options that may be available to you going forward. We can advise you as to the likely costs involved and explore funding options that might be available to you and your circumstances.

Hourly rates

  • We offer competitive hourly rates if you would prefer to pay for advice or representation as you go. At the outset of the matter we will provide you with an estimate of costs and as your case progresses we will provide you with regular updates on costs so that you are always kept up to date.
  • You may wish to pay for advice and representation on an hourly rate basis but with a particular budget in mind. We often agree with clients that we will undertake work on their behalf with a “fee ceiling” and we agree that we will not exceed their budget.

Fixed fees

  • Depending upon the advice or assistance that you require, we can in many situations offer you a fixed fee package whereby we will agree to undertake work on your behalf for a set fee. Below are some examples of work that we can often undertake on a fixed fee basis:
    • Drafting employment contracts
    • Drafting grievance/disciplinary policies
    • Advising on dismissals (both employers and employees)

Damages Based Agreements

  • In exceptional cases we can offer employees Damages Based Agreements if upon an initial assessment of a case we believe that it is likely to win and if it has sufficient value. These agreements are more commonly known as “no-win no-fee” agreements whereby we will agree to defer payment of our fees until the successful conclusion of your case. Our fees will be an agreed percentage of any compensation that you recover. If your case is unsuccessful, you will have nothing to pay.


  • Employers and employees may have insurance policies which carry with them legal expenses insurance. You should always check whether your insurance policies would cover the legal costs of your particular employment issue and we may be able to agree with your insurer that they pay us an hourly rate for work that we carry out on your behalf.

Settlement agreements

  • We regularly advise employers and employees in relation to settlement agreements. Settlement agreements are a valid way of terminating an individual’s employment and they can provide benefits for both parties. For employees, your employer will usually bear the cost of you obtaining advice upon the terms and effect of the document (up to a predetermined limit). For employers, we can offer fixed fees for drafting and advising upon settlement agreements.

Stronger together for a brighter future

Trevor Alley is the former CEO of South West Durham Training.

South West Durham Training was founded in 1967 to provide training for local manufacturing and engineering companies.

Chief executive Trevor Alley turned to Hewitts when the company had to make redundancies.
Trevor, who has since left the business, said: “It was important to us to offer a generous voluntary redundancy package because we did not want to make anyone compulsorily redundant.
“Hewitts advised our staff on the terms of the package and were on hand to answer any questions they had.

“I found Hewitts to be flexible and accommodating to the needs of the business and the staff at a difficult time.

“They were able to hold on-site meetings with staff whenever required and their clear answers to any questions were very helpful.”

“Hewitts were flexible and accommodating to the needs of the business and the staff.”
Trevor Alley
Former CEO, South West Durham Training