Is this the End of Furlough?

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With the Governments job retention scheme set to finish at the end of April 2021, are you and your business ready for the reintroduction of colleagues into the work place?

It seems unlikely the furlough scheme will be extended any further given the recent announcement by the prime minister and his plans to ease lockdown restrictions in his road map to a full lockdown lift by early summer. The current requirement is that you should stay home until 29 March 2021 but after that lockdown restrictions ease and we will see people in workplaces for some the first time in 12 months.

If you are still using the scheme you will need to plan for its demise. You need to be considering now whether you are going to be able to bring staff back to work or if you need to be making redundancies. If you require support with any aspect of employment law please contact a member of our employment law team for support.

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