Judge Calls For Online Divorce Process

by | Nov 8, 2017 | All News, Family Law News | 0 comments

Recently, the well-respected family Judge Sir James Munby has called for divorces to be dealt with as an online ‘streamlined’ process.

At present there is a significant backlog at Court, which results in delays. Sir Munby is therefore suggesting that Divorces, which could feasibly be dealt with online, should be entirely separate from the often more complex and lengthy financial elements of a divorce. This would make the divorce process much quicker, but it could mean that more separating couples are tempted to just finalise their divorce quickly without dealing with important, associated financial Issues.

Many people do not realise that when couples get married financial duties are created and the divorce itself does not sever those duties. Spouses can be divorced and even remarry but still be at risk of future financial claims against them. At any point in the future, claims can be made against income and assets, including pension schemes. These claims can even include monies received after the divorce, for example inheritance, work bonuses, Personal Injury compensation payments and lottery wins.

The only way to prevent this and sever those financial duties is for a ‘clean break’ order to be made by the Court. This is an Order dealing with the division of the matrimonial assets, which states that the parties will not make any future financial claims against one another at any point in the future. At Hewitts we have a team of specialists who are able to give detailed advice regarding Divorce and/or associated Financial Relief. lf you would like more detailed advice regarding Divorce and/or Financial relief, please do not hesitate to contact any one of our four offices to arrange your free initial telephone consultation.