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Knowing my rights in police interviews

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I didn’t need a solicitor because…

…the policeman said I didn’t need one

…I was innocent and I had nothing to hide

…nothing much was going to happen to me anyway


And now many people find themselves facing imprisonment or their lives and reputations ruined because they did not realise what could happen in a police interview.

And without expert help in the police station things can only get worse

The Law Society of England and Wales has endorsed a series of short videos produced by The Legal Education Foundation and The University of Nottingham explaining why it is important to obtain the services of an expert solicitor when being interviewed in a police station

They can all be accessed on you tube under the tag “Know my rights in police interviews”.

If you have any doubts about the value of proper assistance in the police station listen to the BBC sounds podcast “Shreds” which tells the story of three innocent men convicted of murder in Cardiff because one of them confessed to a crime he had not committed.

Viewers who have been following the Netflix documentary series “Making a Murderer” will already know of the perils of going into a police interview without a lawyer. Brendan Dassen is almost certainly not guilty of murder, and yet he is currently serving a life sentence of imprisonment.

A solicitor can be provided free of charge. If you need any assistance at the Police Station we operate a 24 hour 7 day a week service, always ask for Hewitts or alternatively contact our freephone crime number on 0800 3047740.

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