Motoring Offences

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A driving licence is more than just a luxury – it is a necessity. If you lose your licence you could lose your livelihood.

Hewitts are experts in defending all kinds of motoring offences from the most serious, such as causing death by dangerous driving and driving whilst disqualified, to minor speeding charges and parking disputes.

Our team of specialists regularly deal with speeding and drink driving offences. We have the depth of knowledge required to provide you with the best possible advice and increase your chances of retaining your licence.

We can represent you throughout the legal process, from initial advice at the police station to representation at court.

  • Avoid a totting up disqualification
  • Application for early removal of a disqualification
  • Hewitts has a team of motoring specialists who can give you the clearest possible advice

24 hour crime / police station freephone 0800 3047740.

Strength in depth

Andrew Smith, not his real name, lives in County Durham.

When Andrew was caught speeding he already had nine points on his driving licence and was facing a minimum six months disqualification from driving. As a national sales director driving more than 35,000 miles a year for business he could not afford to lose his licence.

Andrew turned to Hewitts Solicitors to assist him.

He said: “As soon as I received the notice of intended prosecution I knew I was in trouble, as I already had nine points. Hewitts saw me immediately and explained all the options.

“My solicitor told me that I had a strong argument to keep my licence, even with an eventual 12 points on it. The preparation of my case was meticulous and, on the day of the court hearing, my solicitor dealt with every argument and presented my case in such a way that the magistrates seemed to have no choice but to allow me to keep driving.

“A disqualification would have been devastating for me professionally and personally, but with quality and professional representation I was able to avoid that.”

“My family and I cannot thank Hewitts enough for what they have done for me and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”
Andrew Smith
County Durham