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Being appointed as Executor of a deceased’s estate is often not an easy role. Personal representatives have legal obligations which if not followed correctly can lead to serious consequence which has recently been highlighted in the case of Frejek v Frejek [2020].

An executor steps in to the deceased’s shoes and is entitled to deal with the deceased’s estate. They are responsible for carrying out the deceased’s wishes in line with any last Will, they are entrusted with protecting the estate and distributing to the correct beneficiaries as well as remaining neutral in any dispute.

The case of Frejek is an extreme example of the courts powers to remove a personal representative who fail to act in the best interests of the estate.

The role of Executor can be onerous and time consuming with many choosing to appoint professional executors such as solicitors to deal with their affairs following death. If you would like any further advice with regards making a will or appointing executors please contact our Wills team who will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

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