Probate Registry Resumes Normal Service

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Anybody in the probate industry, or anybody that has lodged a personal application for probate this year, will be aware that there were significant backlogs to the service from the Probate Registries due to dramatic changes and updates and the threat of fee increases. Previously, delays in the issue of a Grant could have been up to 14 weeks. However, most applications are now being processed within 28 days.

Communications are improving, and any applications that need to be stopped are being notified by email rather than letter for a faster service.

Applicants will also be able to contact the new Courts and Tribunals Service Centre in Birmingham from 1 November 2019 regarding any application made in England and Wales, provided it’s uploaded to their system and confirmation can be given about whether or not the application is received, where it is being dealt with, an estimated timescale for turnaround and whether a “stop” is in place (due to a further action being required before the Grant is issued).

Now that the probate fee hike has been officially scrapped it is hoped this is finally some good news for the sector.

If you require any assistance in respect of probate matters then please contact our probate team who will be more than happy to help.

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