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Hewitts agricultural legal team has many years of combined experience working within the farming community.

We are uniquely placed to offer expert advice, not only on the latest issues facing the industry today but also valuable commercial opportunities as a result of current market conditions and impending legislation.

Our expert legal advice is cost effective and helps you stay one step ahead.

– We can help with all aspects of buying and selling from farms to agricultural land
– Advice on business tenancies, grazing agreements, partnerships and companies
– Help with estate planning to grow a strong and sustainable business
– Quota transfers and mineral extraction
– Advice on wind farms


Judith Layfield owns a farm in Crook, County Durham.

Judith Layfield and her family have used Hewitts for many years. Recently she needed Hewitts’ expertise when a farmer asked if he could lay underground cables to his wind turbine across her land.

Judith said: “What could have been quite complex was all perfectly straightforward thanks to Hewitts.”

Hewitts also acted for Judith when she bought a nearby farm which had something of a colourful history.

“Although I had known the lady who owned it previously, she sold it and then it was repossessed. We were glad of the clear, level-headed advice Hewitts gave us every step of the way.

“Eventually it went to auction and we were able to buy it. All of us appreciated the help we received from Hewitts – nothing is too much trouble