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Cycling Accidents

As keen cyclists themselves, Hewitts cycling accident team are all too aware of the dangers cyclists face on the roads, from damage to their bikes to serious, sometimes fatal, injury.

Our combined personal injury compensation experience and specialist cycling knowledge provides clients with expert advice and support across a range of cycling related injuries and accidents.

Bad driving and poor road conditions make cyclists very vulnerable on the roads. Cycling accidents can happen when drivers do not see cyclists because of:

– Blind spots
– Doors being opened by parked cars
– Drivers turning across a cyclist’s path at junctions and roundabouts
– “Too close for comfort” cases, where drivers do not leave enough room to ride safely

Some cycling accidents are caused by “black spots” or the condition of the road, such as potholes.

Even if the accident is partly the cyclist’s fault, there may still be a claim for compensation.

Our specialist solicitors are experts in investigating cycling accidents, gathering evidence to build a strong case and helping clients to obtain the compensation they deserve. Following a cycling accident, we help clients claim for any future financial losses including:

  • – Lost earnings from time off work
  • Long term care and support
  • Private medical treatment – physiotherapy, rehabilitation and cosmetic surgery
  • Equipment repair and replacement – custom bikes, helmets and specialist clothing
  • Travel costs if a bike is the main form of transport
  • Unused sports and cycling club membership fees
  • Future losses

We proactively manage cases by asking for interim upfront payments. This gives real peace of mind, providing funds to pay for expert medical care and enabling our clients to get back on their bikes as soon as possible.