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The Government: Pre-charge bail laws to be reviewed

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The current pre-charge bail laws which were changed to avoid individuals following arrest being subject to a number of re-bail appointments are to be considered further. The changes have in fact meant that thousands have been left languishing in legal limbo following a police station interview. The Law Society has requested that the Government considers this matter urgently. The Government have confirmed hours before Parliament was dissolved that this matter would be further addressed.

Pre-charge bail allows Police to release a suspect from custody, usually subject to conditions whilst Police further investigate matters and whilst a charging decision is awaited. A 28 day time limit came into force in April 2017. This reform was hoped to prevent exactly what is happening now. Unfortunately due to tight Police forces the reform which was hoped to bring about positive change has been unrealistic. It has been very difficult for Police forces to be able to complete enquiries and investigations within the 28 day period.

It is hoped that there can be a time limit imposed to avoid individuals having to be under investigation for such lengthy periods.

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