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Our employment team are frequently asked by new clients ‘There’s an issue at work and I don’t know what to do or who to tell about it?’ Usually by the time someone reaches out to a solicitor the issues they are facing becomes a factor in them not wanting to work there anymore.

Whistleblowing is a safe, confidential means of reporting a number of issues which may arise in the workplace from conduct to health and safety breaches. Whistleblowing is designed to protect employees from victimisation, discrimination, disadvantage or dismissal should they feel the need to raise concerns to the employer in a confidential way. By reporting issues via whistleblowing you are protected by law from dismissal and victimisation. It is a means of reporting concerns, misconduct or illegal acts within the workplace and every employer has a duty to have a whistleblowing procedure in place within the work place.

If you have concerns within your workplace which you don’t feel comfortable discussing with a manager, check your employee handbook or colleague information board within the workplace for details of the company whistleblowing procedure. By reporting the issue and having it investigated independently you may find your issues at work resolve and the problems are dealt with.

Should you require any further information on whistleblowing or indeed any other employment issue please contact a member of our experienced employment team at any of our four offices who will be happy to help.

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