Will Disputes and Inheritance Feuds Continue To Increase

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In a case where reasonable financial provision has not been made, the Inheritance Act enables the court to vary the distribution of the deceased’s estate for certain family members and dependants. A recent report has found that the number of Wills and probate disputes making their way to HM Courts and Tribunals system increased by 6% in 2018. Whilst research reveals people are increasingly contesting wills, everyone has the right to choose how they would like to distribute their assets, even if it seems unusual or excludes even the closest family members.

People can be surprised and hurt by the contents of a will, so people may wish to discuss with beneficiaries and those that might think they would inherit, how they plan to distribute their assets.  

There is no definitive way of preventing a claim. However, there are steps that you may wish to consider when writing a Will.

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